Before we get this party started let’s take a minute to find out what justice actually is.


According to the above definition, we are most certainly not a just society.  There are large numbers of the population that do not have a genuine respect for other people and actively seek to remove fairness, equity, and evenhandedness from the equation.

Geeks4Justice is a new social organization that I decided to form the day after Donald Trump won the electoral college.  My friends, most of whom are geeky like me, all felt a sense of dread, fear, and disgust. We are angry with the election of a group of men who most certainly do not seek justice for marginalized groups.

The purpose of this group and this website will be to mobilize communities at a grassroots level to ensure that members if marginalized groups know that they have allies.  That we will fight for equity for them. We will fight for justice for them.  We stand beside them and if needed in front of them to help protect them from injustice.

An additional purpose will be for me to put forth articles and ideas about community and peace building, as my PhD is in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.  Tomorrow’s article is a lengthy one I wrote about refugees that served as my final exam before being allowed to enter dissertation work.

There will be events listed, not only on the Facebook page, but also here so that members of the various communities will know what is going on around them.  I will also try to organize and host events that allow us to get to know each other, write our representatives, and bring justice to our communities.

Please stay tuned for more and follow Geeks4Justice on the platforms below.



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