Please be aware that there are potential spoilers in this article.  If you have not seen Rogue One and wish to remain unspoiled please read after you have seen the movie.

Last night, I had the opportunity to see Rogue One with my husband.  Rogue One is a tale of the battle for Hope.


Hope, seems like a loaded word these days.  As time passes we seem to dive deeper into a world of despair, of pain, of death.  We see despots and fascists rising to power and destroying everything in their path in order to maintain power.

And we have our stories.  Stories, like Rogue One, that awaken, inspire, and move us to action.

Rogue One, is a tale about having hope, when there really should be no hope left.  It is where we are, in a post-Trump election, right now.  We are the Rebels. We are the Alliance that must fight to the death to save the galaxy.  We cannot turn our heads when all seems lost.  It is about recognizing the importance of sacrifice and perseverance.  It is about acknowledging the power we have when we come together to fight evil.

That is where we stand now.  In the coming years we will be the Rebel Alliance.  We will fight to protect those who suffer, we will fight to protect lives, we will fight with The Force at our backs to ensure that Trump and his lackeys will not destroy the galaxy with whatever Death Star they develop.  That is our pledge.  That is our mission.

Starting next week I will be posting a series of articles on how to fight.  There are many ways and using all of them, together we can ensure that the Death Star is destroyed.  The Force is with us.

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