Reposted:  I found this on Facebook and have not been able to find the original source but we need this.

“Activism has to be like Brushing Our Teeth”
1. Frame a picture from the March yesterday and write yourself a quote or a note about how it made you feel. Keep this on your desk or hang it so you will remember for the next 4 (?) years and can draw on it for energy.
2. Make sure you register with the Womens March website so you can be counted and receive info about their 10 Action for the first 100 days.
3. Pick your core issues and follow the key organizations on FB, Twitter and subscribe to their newsletters. For example, choice = Planned Parenthood, Civil Rights and Liberties = ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Environment = Sierra Club, Discrimination = NAACP, ADL and on and on and on.
4. Read the Indivisible Guide if you have not already. They also have local groups you can join or register.
5. Create a personal contact list with name, address, email, phone, FB, Twitter, email of the following: Your State Rep, Your State Senator, Your Mayor, Your Governor, Your US Rep, Your US Senator and anyone you have a personal relationship with in politics. Keep this list handy!
6. Write/email/call your contact list. Introduce yourself. Tell them about your March experience, your key issues etc. If they are local, talk about your support for key local issue whether sanctuary cities or other. If national, tell them to oppose whichever cabinet nominee is the most inept, conflicted and dangerous (tough choice).
7. Learn about and to help Red States turn Blue 
8. Contact your local Democratic Town Committee and State party and sign up for their action alerts and info.
9. Pick 2-10 (or more) activist buddies who you will jointly commit to making activism and agree to keep each other informed and work together. Think of this as your WeightWatchers buddy for politics.
10. Subscribe to newspapers like the New York Time, Washington Post, Boston Globe etc. Decide which news sources you will look to for reliable information and which you will review to hold the Administration accountable.
11. Make a list of your local tv stations, radio stations and papers and make a contact sheet of phone numbers, email addresses, FB, Twitter etc. so you can call/write and make your voice heard.
12. Think about your philanthropic budget and how you will allocate it this year. Make donations to causes and people fighting for your values. Think about monthly giving or larger gifts as well.
13. Identify thought leaders who are supplying good information, strategies or tactics. Follow them and amplify their messages.
14. Consider running for office. Get training. Women check out
15. Practice good self-care. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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