If you’re deeply concerned about Trump’s executive order to renegotiate the Dakota Access Pipeline (and you should be), here is a very simple call to action. He likely has financial ties to this project so it is more important than ever that he opens his tax returns so we can all see his conflicts of interest front and center.
Please send an email of support for Senator Warren’s request to audit President Trump’s finances for conflicts of interest.

Send an email to two administrators, Katherine Siggerud and Timothy Minnelli, and a general email address:




Re: Audit for President Trump’s financial concerns

Dear Ms. Siggerud and Mr. Minnelli,

I’m writing in support of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s request for an audit of our President Trump’s finances, to prohibit conflicts of interest that would prevent him from carrying out the responsibilities of the office without corrupt influence.


And please copy-paste this post to share. If you just click “share”, then only the overlap of my friends and yours can see it.

This took about 30 seconds to do. (please don’t screen shot & share because then people can’t easily copy paste the email addresses and everything)

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