Geeks4Justice – Gaming for Charity is currently fundraising for the International Rescue Committee.  You can visit my Twitch channel to donate while I stream or you can donate directly to the fundraiser by clicking on the image below:



Are you a local artist that makes Geeky Art? Would you like to join Geeks4Justice in a Geeky Social Justice themed art show at Watchtower Cafe running June 9, 2017-July 2, 2017? If so please visit the invite to this event on Facebook. Artists will artists would have to be bound by Watchtower’s gallery show times/commission percentages.

We are also planning on getting together a few panels to talk about social justice issues at the time of the opening.

Contact or message Geeks4Justice on Facebook for more information!

Follow Geeks4Justice on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr to see all the geeky social justice goodness we’re working for.


Geeks4Justice is seeking guest authors to write pieces on issues of social justice.  If you are interested in composing a piece to be featured on the blog please send your proposal to or use this Google Form to enter the info.

I am seeking out articles on issues of immigration (if you are “illegal” – I do not like that word) and want to share your experiences, if you are a member of the LBGTQIA community and want to share your experiences, if you have ever experienced injustice, racism, sexism – I want to hear and share your stories.

Featured author articles can be published anonymously, at the request of the author, and will be published on Wednesday mornings.

Guidelines for authorship:

  1.  Cite your sources, please do not plagiarise.  Remember I am a former college professor. I am a stickler for sources. Any citation format is accepted from MLA to APA – as long as you cite them I am not concerned with format.
  2. Include a short author bio and photo if you do not want to remain anonymous, including contact information if you wish.
  3. Your work remains your work.  This is simply a way to share your story.  You retain any rights to your work.

If you have questions or would like to participate please contact me (Sarah) at or use this Google Form to enter your information and article proposal.

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