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My Journey to Become a Peacemaker

  I do not know that I can pinpoint the exact moment when I decided that I needed to work toward become a peacemaker.  I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic school for nearly my entire K-12 school career (I went to public school for 6 months in Texas).  The overarching theme that I remember through all of my childhood was […]

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If you were a child of the 1980’s you probably remember watching the movie WarGames with Matthew Broderick and perhaps even developed fascination with computers and the possibilities for gaming.  In the case of the film NORAD’s computer Joshua becomes involved in a serious war game after a teenage computer hacker attempts to play a set of computer games on […]

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Utah’s Guest Worker Bill: Too Small to Solve Problems within the Immigration System

In March 2011 the state of Utah became the first to pass legislation that has the potential to significantly change the debate trajectory on immigration.  House Bill 116 (HB 116) modifies the Utah Workforce Services Code by creating a program for “Guest Workers” which would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain work permits for the state of Utah.  Recently, the Act […]

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The Role of Culture in Conflict Resolution

This article will explore the various ways in which culture can affect negotiations both internationally and personally.   In this paper I will explore the various aspects of culture as illustrated by “The Culture Wheel” in tandem with exploration of negotiation in two different aspects.  First, I will examine how culture has affected relationships and negotiations between the Irish and British in […]