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Geeks4Justice Upcoming and Current Eves

Geeks4Justice – Gaming for Charity is currently fundraising for the International Rescue Committee.  You can visit my Twitch channel to donate while I stream or you can donate directly to the fundraiser by clicking on the image below: ART SHOW!!! Are you a local artist that makes Geeky Art? Would you like to join Geeks4Justice… Continue reading Geeks4Justice Upcoming and Current Eves

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Lessons from Saint Francis of Assisi

I have been wanting to write this post for several days now but have been struggling with the words I want to use.  Donald Trump and his administration terrify me.  They have managed to bring fascism and hate to the forefront of American politics and it is unacceptable.  As a professional in the realm of… Continue reading Lessons from Saint Francis of Assisi

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Refugees – Part 3

Practice Hate and anger are deeply held and very personal feelings that each participant will likely define and describe differently.    It will be essential to Syrian refugee populations to acknowledge these emotions and find ways to cooperate within their society in order to ensure that retributive violence does not occur because of hatred.  I believe… Continue reading Refugees – Part 3

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Refugees – Part 2

Theory First, we must address the nature of human rights and forced migration and the theoretical standards of human rights.  On January 6, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt delivered his Four Freedom’s Speech in which he declared that everyone, everywhere had the right to freedom of speech and expression, freedom to worship God, freedom from want and… Continue reading Refugees – Part 2

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Utah’s Guest Worker Bill: Too Small to Solve Problems within the Immigration System

In March 2011 the state of Utah became the first to pass legislation that has the potential to significantly change the debate trajectory on immigration.  House Bill 116 (HB 116) modifies the Utah Workforce Services Code by creating a program for “Guest Workers” which would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain work permits for the state… Continue reading Utah’s Guest Worker Bill: Too Small to Solve Problems within the Immigration System

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Combating Refugee Anger and Hate to End Protracted Violence.

This paper will outline a qualitative study, using phenomenological methods to explore the lived experiences as a Syrian refugee focusing specifically on how refugees are experiencing the feelings of anger and hatred towards those who contributed to their displacement and how those feelings might be channeled away from violence to other means of expression.