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Lessons from Saint Francis of Assisi

I have been wanting to write this post for several days now but have been struggling with the words I want to use.  Donald Trump and his administration terrify me.  They have managed to bring fascism and hate to the forefront of American politics and it is unacceptable.  As a professional in the realm of history with an emphasis on […]

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Call to Action: Dakota Access Pipeline

If you’re deeply concerned about Trump’s executive order to renegotiate the Dakota Access Pipeline (and you should be), here is a very simple call to action. He likely has financial ties to this project so it is more important than ever that he opens his tax returns so we can all see his conflicts of interest front and center. Please […]

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My Journey to Become a Peacemaker

  I do not know that I can pinpoint the exact moment when I decided that I needed to work toward become a peacemaker.  I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic school for nearly my entire K-12 school career (I went to public school for 6 months in Texas).  The overarching theme that I remember through all of my childhood was […]

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Dear President-elect Trump

I did not write this letter.  It was posted on social media by a friend and I had to share it: Dear President-elect Trump, I understand that it hurts to see a beloved symbol defaced, but, sometimes, destroying a symbol is the best way to protect the heartfelt belief the symbol represents. The flag represents freedom, an idea that American’s […]